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Surrounded by wooded areas and vineyards, Saint-Aignan-de-Grand-Lieu has developed on the edge of an exceptional wetland: the lake of Grand-Lieu. It is one of the rare windows of the metropolis open onto this nature reserve.

He's here, we know it. It is the largest lake on the French plain in winter and bathes nine riverside towns, but you can pass by it without even noticing it. The lake of Grand-Lieu is a discreet, incognito behind the curtains of the reed bed that surrounds it. A few minutes away from the village, the site of Pierres aiguës (sharp stones) makes it possible to flush it out: on either side of the path that leads to the lake, oaks are slender with their branches; they meet and intertwine, and the path becomes a vestibule. At the very end, it's big, it's still, it's silence. A large egret pierces the surface of the water from the tip of the beak. Here flies a white spoonbill - the site is home to the largest colony of this species. On their roots as on stilts, trees play mangrove, and floating herbariums drift with the rising wind.

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