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The Château de la Lanfrière in Montjean is a 19th century dwelling with a French garden and an English park.

Built around 1840 by Mr. Morin Blottais, an industrialist in Laval and a direct descendant of the current owners, this house includes : - a south facade with a very regular design based on tufa stone. With its 3 heads representing the owner and his family and 4 corner turrets, - a northern facade in the middle of which one can see on the 1st floor the back of the chapel of pure troubadour style, - a wooden staircase of honor In front of the house : - a French garden limited by a balustrade dating from the construction of the house and a green room in charm, - a large English park (15 ha) with many remarkable trees, - a set of service buildings perfectly homogeneous with 2 large buildings and especially a Chinese dovecote. The visit, by appointment, includes the entire exterior, the main entrance and the chapel. The Château is open to visitors on the occasion of the "Rendez-vous aux Jardins" days and on the Heritage Days without reservation.

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