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Certified eco-responsible orchards, the history of a family estate in the commune of Champigné, arboriculturists for 4 generations.

From father to son, we have been arboriculturists for 4 generations. This family history started in the north-west of Paris 110 years ago. Faced with real estate pressure, in the 1960s, my grandfather came to re-establish his orchard in Anjou and chose Champigné, which has a privileged terroir for fruit growing, to express his know-how as an arboriculturist. Out of passion, we pass on our knowledge of fruit growing, particularly that of apples. We share this know-how throughout the year by respecting the rhythm of nature to obtain in autumn wonderful apples picked when ripe, full of aromas and sugar. Our family motto is the following: "It is by taking care of the trees and men that we will obtain the best fruit for our compotes and pastries" Meet at the farm every Wednesday afternoon for your take-away sales.

Les lieux touristiques dans un rayon de 10 kms.

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