Chapelle de Verniette

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Former parish church classified in the Inventory of Historical Monuments. Romanesque chapel located in Conlie. It was classified as a historical monument in 1946 for its wall paintings.

This chapel is situated in the middle of a garden maintained by the commune, towards the southern entrance of the hamlet of Verniette. The facade of this Romanesque style chapel is composed of a porch surmounted by a cross. The square bell tower is situated above the porch. Verniette was a very old parish that was only reunited with Conlie in 1802. The village is located at the crossroads of two ancient roads: - one comes from Conlie and goes as far as the Gallo-Roman relay of Asnières - the other is the Roman north-south route from Sillé-le-Guillaume to Neuvy, which goes towards the Chevaignés The parish was close to the "chemin Montois", a medieval road that linked Le Mans to Mont-Saint-Michel. The chapel was built in the 13th century and its paintings representing the martyrdom of St. Lawrence or St. John the Baptist have been preserved to this day.

Chapelle de Verniette  France Pays de la Loire Sarthe Conlie 72240

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