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Come for a walk and discover the heritage of the towns of St-Arailles and Mirannes. A fun tour to do with your family at your own pace in the form of a game. Information sheet available at the tourist office or for download.

Road-book The walk is done in two stages. First in the village of St Arailles, then in the village of Mirannes 2.5 km away. Start the walk at the car park at the top of the village of St-Arailles, near a metal near a metal cross. Go towards the fortified gate giving access to the village. Stop shortly before to observe the weather vane (1) on the roof of a house on the left. Pass under the fortified gate and walk to the square in front of the town hall. Notice, on the right of the street, the Castets plaque (2) . Continue along the path that leads to the church. Pass in front of the entrance gate, go down the steps then pass under the fortified gate (3) . Then go down the road under the war memorial. At the intersection, take the small road opposite (towards Eglise de Brétous). Follow the road. At the next crossroads, turn right towards Chapelle de Brétous. Stop in front of the wash house (4). Continue until you reach the chapel. Then go up and enter the chapel (5) . Come out, do not go down, but go in front of it. Go past the cross (6) . Then join the path that goes up. At the first big bend, leave the main path and go straight on - be careful on this part and hold your young children by the hand - very steep slope on the left - a slip could be dangerous. Arrive at the crops and continue to the left. Then join the hamlet and take the road on the left which goes down and joins the road taken on the way. Go back to the car park through the village streets. Get back in the car and follow the direction of Mirannes. Park near the town hall. Walk in the small village and look for the war memorial (7) . Then look for the name of the place de la Centenaire (8) . End of the walk


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