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From Plaisance, direction Saint aunix, Tieste, and Ladevèze-Ville.

1 - From the town hall square, you head south along the Rue des Pyrénées and then the Rapine district. 2 - By small paths and with the whole Pyrenees chain in the background, you cross the village of Saint-Aunix-Lengros and the districts of Les Contes and Les Majestés. 3 - Here the road rises to reach the village of Tieste-Uragnoux and its castle with a view of the entire Adour valley and Castelnau-Rivière-Basse in the distance. 4 - A series of hills and descents leads you to Ladevèze-ville: leave the Madeleine road on your left and continue to the village where you can admire the decorated water tower and the church of Castex from where you have a view of the Arros valley this time. 5 - Go back and turn right towards the Madeleine district: you pass under the fortified gate, one of the last vestiges of the enclosure of an important castelnau which stood on these premises. 6 - On the way down, you will discover the bell tower, the last element of the Madeleine church, and further down the Saint-André church. At the bottom of the descent, cross the main road then turn left to return to Plaisance in a rural landscape with on your right the village of Beaumarchès at the top of the hill.

DE PLAISANCE A LA MADELEINE  France Nouvelle-Aquitaine Vienne Plaisance 86500

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