Peintures des Anges Musiciens - Cathédrale Saint-Julien - Le Mans

France > Pays de la Loire > Sarthe > 72000 > Le Mans > Place Saint-Michel #### Cathédrale Saint-Julien #### Chapelle de la Vierge

Not to be missed inside the Saint-Julien cathedral, to be discovered during your visit to Le Mans and Sarthe!

The celestial concert of 47 musical angels (late 14th century), painted on the vaults of the Virgin's chapel, is a summit of Western Gothic painting to be compared with the famous tapestry of the "Apocalypse" of Angers, to which it is contemporary and stylistically close It is the work of an anonymous painter of the Court of the Kings of France Charles V and VI. Some of the instruments depicted, such as the "l'échiquier" (a table covered with a chessboard with a keyboard on one side), have now disappeared and are known only through these paintings. This fresco was only rediscovered in the 19th century. During the Night of the Chimeras, these angels escape from the vaults of the chapel and come back to life to give a celestial concert on the Romanesque portal of the cathedral. Not to be missed this summer!

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