Place de la Sirène

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A place well known by the manservants, the restoration work on the Siren has given it back all its splendour!

This square is a crossroads. At the corner of rue de la Barillerie and rue Marchande, in the Saint-Nicolas district, stands a building whose sign depicts a mermaid rising from the waves to meet some ships... Dating from 1726, this is one of the first private mansions built in Le Mans, and is said to have belonged to the cheesecloth merchant Véron du Verger. The statue of the mermaid, which is in fact a bas-relief, marks the expansion across the Atlantic of the trade in this highly sought-after cheesecloth invented by Jean Véron in the 17th century. The bas-relief has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1931. At the center of the square stands Claude Ribot's sculpture "Sirènes", dating from 1991. It was recently renovated in 2022.

Place de la Sirène  France Pays de la Loire Sarthe Le Mans 72000

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