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The church of Courgains includes a classified seigneurial litre.

The church of Courgains is dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and already existed in 1050! It was acquired with the Courgains lands by the powerful Saint Vincent du Mans abbey. During the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453), the church underwent many repairs following the damage caused by this long war. In the 16th century: the monks of the abbey of Saint Vincent du Mans granted the parish 18 feet of land on the side of the priory, for the enlargement of the church. That is to say the construction of a transept behind the nave, and a choir behind the transept. But only the primitive chapel to the north, that of the Virgin, was built. The cemetery occupied the southern part, on the present square So the second one was built only in 1838, when the cemetery was moved outside the village It is indeed since the 16th century that churches are often presented in the form of a Latin cross! In the 18th century, a fire destroyed the roof and the upper part of the bell tower In the 19th century, the cemetery having been moved to the outside, the project of building the second chapel was born. It was built identically to the original chapel to the north. The particularity of this church is especially the funerary litre which is complete. It goes all around the interior of the building, except for the choir. According to the Buildings of France, this painting of a lordly litre is quite rare! The choir of the church houses an amazing altarpiece of carved and gilded stone. It dates from the 18th century. The abundant gilding contributes, by its brilliance, to the dynamism of the whole. The sacristy shelters a cupboard composed of 7 cupboards and a chasublier. This monumental piece of furniture occupies the entire back of the sacristy. It is from the same period and of the same inspiration as the choir's communion rail, from the 18th century: it has remained in place and has been preserved from time.

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