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This little loop takes you to the local springs. At the top of the Lanizan path and especially at the Le Germain farm, you will have an exceptional view of the village of Castelnau-Barbarens, clinging to the rock and the surrounding countryside.

This short loop will take you to the springs and thermal baths in the area. From the top of the Lanizan path, and especially from the Le Germain farm, you will enjoy an exceptional view over the village of Castelnau-Barbarens, a village that clings to its rock above the surrounding countryside. In the valley at the Tumulus lakes, you will see a spring with a constant flow that feeds the two lakes, which were once used as fish farms. While passing through La Quèque and Embernelli on your way to the village, you will see other springs and what is left of thermal baths used for spa treatments from 1840 to 1964. Have a good trip! Departure: Place Centulle 1er (near the town hall in the village heights) 1- From the town hall, on Place d'Uzès (near the esplanade and tower of the former 13th-century castle), go down the staircase of Pousterle de la Chapelle. Continue to the right and turn on the first street to your left, which will take you straight down to the bottom of the village. From the stop sign, follow the D626 in the direction of Auch. Cross the bridge over the Arrats. 2- At the curve, turn left towards Lanizan. Follow the road along 1 km. 3- Take a left on the small road in the direction of Le Germain. When you reach the top of the hillside across from the farm (after enjoying the view over Arrats Valley), take the path towards Tumulus Lake and continue along to join a village road. 4- Follow this road to the right along 2 km. After passing the driveway of En Mingou, continue going forward until you reach a crossing. 5- Turn right on the tree-lined path. Climb alongside the fields over 500 m and turn left when you get to the En Cardonne farm (where you can enjoy a view over the Pyrénées) and then follow a small woodland to the right (enjoy the panorama over Castelnau-Barbarens). At the bottom of the path, walk around the right-hand side of the field and then join the path on the left (Tute de Juillac, a grotto) that leads to La Quèque (former thermal baths) and then Embernelli. Continue along on a small road and you will reach the D626. 6- Take a right on the D626 towards Castelnau-Barbarens. Come back up towards the village on the path you departed from to begin with.

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