Herba Humana

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Vegetables: squash, carrots, potatoes, peppers, vegetable soup Aromatic and medicinal plants Spices Arboriculture

Producer specialized in organic horticulture and market gardening, Philippe Le Lan presents for the autumn/winter collection: cucurbits. In addition to potatoes, carrots and peppers in all colours and shapes, he offers a collection of thirty certified "organic" cucurbits: a wide variety of squashes, each more edible than the next, coloquintes for decoration and gourds for music-loving cooks. A real delight for the pupils and taste buds, not to mention the delicious soups concocted from its own production! For the spring/summer collection, goodbye to seasonal vegetables and hello to herbs and plants with medicinal virtues: the variety of colours gives way to the diversity of scents!

Herba Humana  France Centre-Val de Loire Indre Neuillay-les-Bois 36500

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