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Stop in this small hotel full of charm, where you can pass by and even taste the dishes of Richard Melillo

In his first life as a judoka, Richard Melillo distinguished himself by his spectacular, offensive, explosive style. European champion, winner of the Paris Tournament, four times French champion, the Marseille native enchanted the public at the Pierre de Coubertin stadium throughout the 1980s. Once the kimono was put away, he remained the man of the match, quick to take risks and challenges. A fighter at heart, accustomed to sustained rhythms, he was able to maintain an original and terribly effective style in his personalised establishments in the heart of the Alps, in Pra-Loup and then Val d'Isère. Until the irresistible call of the Mediterranean brought him back to his hometown, Le Rove. That's where he now puts his hand to the dough, skillful and enduring in front of the pizza oven as he used to be in competition. Always eager to surprise, to amaze, he plays with the ingredients stamped Provence, is intractable on the quality of the meat ... All spiced with the charm of Nadine, his attentive and faithful partner. At Richard Melillo's, the perfume of the high level always floats, and it is not rare to meet a motorbike, football, ski or judo champion, seduced by this exemplary and very good taste conversion.

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