Championnat de France Funboard Slalom


The Club Nautique Marignanais organizes in partnership with the French Funboard Association and the French Sailing Federation, the 1st stage of the French Slalom Championship "BRET'S Funboard tour AFF". Not to be missed!

It's a great event that takes place on the mythical Jaï spot, where competitors great competitors! A great show is guaranteed, rich in emotions and twists and turns! Type: French practical funboard slalom and windfoil slalom championships. Disciplines: fin slalom, windfoil slalom. For your information: - The funboard is the cousin of the windsurfer. It has all the characteristics of the windsurfer, but without the centreboard. It's a very fast craft, capable of outperforming a catamaran despite its small size. - Windfoil is derived from windsurfing, with the emphasis on in-flight navigation. Thanks to reduced drag and the lift generated by the foil, gliding sensations are increased tenfold.

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