Marais de la Petite Camargue et des Palous

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To the north-west of the Etang de Berre, lie the marshes of Saint-Chamas, made up of the Petite Camargue and the Palous.

This wetland of more than 100 hectares corresponding to the Touloubre delta offers an unusual approach to the banks of the Etang de Berre, of great ecological interest. The paths open to the public that run through the site allow you to discover a mosaic of very different environments: scrubland, salt meadows, pine forests, ripisylve, freshwater reedbed, sansouïre, barrier beach, where rare plants and birds (about 2000 species observed), mammals, fish, amphibians and various insects (31 species of dragonflies) live side by side. Management of natural areas Domain of the Conservatoire de l'Espace Littoral et des Rivages Lacustres (Conservatory of Coastal Areas and Lake Shores)

Les lieux touristiques dans un rayon de 10 kms.

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