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Isabelle Boulay, the voice of fire from the cold, takes to the road again to find her audience and warm hearts with "D?Amériques et de France". See you at Cepac Silo on March 14, 2024.

From the Americas and France Half a century of life, 30 years of working with the greatest, 15 albums and 5 million records sold. And, like a promise of eternal youth, this formula of Éluard, "Le dur désir de durer" (The hard desire to last), is firmly anchored in his body. Isabelle Boulay, with her fiery voice coming from the cold, is back on the road to meet her public and warm their hearts. The alchemy is intact, the soul whole and the breath always powerful. She invites us to travel with "D'Amériques et de France". A bridge show between her two loves, folk-country America on one side and on the other, the great French song. Between the variety she loves and the realistic lyrics, the worker of the song, as she likes to define herself, invites us to curl up in the depths of her repertoire and the works that made her embrace the profession of performer. Je t'oublierai, Parle moi, Mieux qu'ici-bas, Tout au bout de nos peines, Ne me dis pas qu'il faut sourire, but also the successes of her role models, Reggiani, Bashung, Berger, Cabrel, Ferré, Gainsbourg and Plamondon, to name but a few, will escape from her dream book Accept this sweet appointment and let her take you into the space of dreams..

Isabelle Boulay  France Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Bouches-du-Rhône Marseille 2e Arrondissement 13002

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