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The Maison Ventenac is a family story... Founded in 1973 by Alain Maurel and his father, the third generation is now at the head of this wine estate Stéphanie, the eldest of Alain Maurel's three daughters, and her husband Olivier Ramé arrived in 2010 to take over the estate and give it a new face. With his viticultural and oenological apprenticeship carried out all over the world, Olivier has been able to make the link between the "old world" inherited from his father-in-law's know-how and the "new world" Situated in the heart of the Cabardès PDO, the 130-hectare vineyard is set against the Montagne Noire and enjoys the Languedoc sunshine and Atlantic freshness all year round. The Maison Ventenac is in its 3rd year of organic conversion.

MAISON VENTENAC  France Occitanie Aude Ventenac-Cabardès 11610
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