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Located near the city and on the canalized Moselle, the Pompey river stopover offers four to six anchoring points for pleasure boats. A new development offers a larger pontoon, and brings the possibility for boaters to have water and electricity to enjoy their stay on site. However, the water and electricity supply service is interrupted during the winter period. Please note that the supply of fluids is interrupted for an indefinite period. The access to the river stop has been completely redeveloped with a wooden path and stairs that facilitate the passage from the hillock to the city. A relaxation area allows you to enjoy the waterfront. At 150 m, the city offers all the necessary amenities for boaters: shops, restaurants, bank, health services... The stopover is close to the market place (on Thursday morning) and the swimming pool. The city offers leisure facilities (leisure area of the avant-garde), suitable for hiking, bike paths for a breakaway along the water, and offers a tourist trail retracing the industrial epic of the factory that manufactured the iron of the Eiffel Tower.

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