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This Gothic style chapel has left no record of its history. It is as if one wanted to make this place a preserved, secluded place where one could pray in solitude, meditation and oblivion. A legend is attached to the place, that of a wandering statue, a statue of Saint Anne. What is known, however, is that the present chapel was consecrated in 1707 by the Bishop of Metz, Monsignor Ducambout de Coislin. The date of 1838 inscribed on the facade corresponds to a restoration of the shell. In 1849 Monseigneur Dupont des Loges, bishop of Metz, ordered that it be used for the uses authorised to date, namely a mass on the day of Sainte-Anne and a mass for the deceased on the occasion of the village festival. The cemetery is dotted with beautiful examples of funerary art such as chapels, tombs and crosses. The chapel is open on Good Friday morning for prayers, on the Sunday following Sainte-Anne's Day (26 July) with a mass at 10 am and on the Monday following Sainte-Anne's Day with a mass for the deceased of the village, on the occasion of the Heritage Days on Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm to 6 pm.

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