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Marked by the major architectural trends that have marked the history of our city, Metz la contemporaine has also taken up the challenge of architectural creation. Whether at the Technopôle Metz 2000, whose achievements since 1984 are a sign of true style - we can cite the CESCOM, designed by the architect from Metz, Longo -, the Amphitheatre Quarter where the Metz Sports Centre designed by the renowned architect Chemetov is being built, or of course the Arsenal designed by Bofill, Metz has certainly also made its heritage part of 20th century creation. As far as the Metz 2000 Technopôle is concerned, we will insist on the architectural unity of the site, which was designed as a new district of the city. This concern for quality is also shared by the site's private real estate players, who have adhered with conviction to the City's architectural requirements. Today, Metz Technopôle is characterized by the multiplicity of its facets: technological and economic dimension, human and technical dimension...ambitions of excellence that were placed from the outset in the field of urban planning and architecture. The source of many activities linked to the economy, industry, but also education and research, the Technopôle has been able to appeal both to the people of Messin who frequent the banks of Lake Symphony on Sundays, but also to the companies that choose the site for the quality of its environment and the harmony of a district that deserves both the qualifier and the noun of Technology Park.

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