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The Siestou estate is composed of three islands of vines pruned in cordon de royat, gobelets and guyot simple, depending on the grape variety. We cultivate eight varieties with an expertise, a passion and an unfailing motivation With a rigorous but respectful work of the vine, this vital human intervention thus emphasizes the qualitative potential of our vintages. In order to respect the earth, the fauna and the flora, the domain is led according to the specifications of the Organic Agriculture Our will is to preserve, renew and increase the humus (upper layer of the soil created by the decomposition of organic matter) to fight against the destruction of soils, their erosion and their leaching by the diversity of the cultures and the breeding as well as to develop an agriculture which does not pollute the biosphere.

DOMAINE DU SIESTOU  France Occitanie Aude Laure-Minervois 11800
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