Atelier d'écriture de poèmes japonais - Haïku


Do you know the Japanese short poem, Haiku? Take part in one of our workshops and enjoy writing it.

Haiku poem-writing workshops are held regularly at the library. Come and learn or become an expert! These workshops are suitable for children, teenagers and adults. Different themes are offered depending on the season. Haiku is a poem of Japanese origin, originating in the late 17th century and attributed to the poet Bashô Matsuo. "With orchid nectar The butterfly Perfumes its wings" These poems celebrate the evanescence of things and the sensations they evoke. Popularized in Western culture, they generally evoke a season. Extremely brief, they are composed of 3 verses of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. This summer, workshops will be held in Square Thibaud, opposite the church. This green lung in the heart of town is sure to be a source of inspiration for all poets! Meet at the library, then head for Square Thibaud, weather permitting. Practical info Reservations required Workshops for all, children, teens, adults free workshop rendez-vous at the library Find out more about La Bernerie en Retz events here

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