Initiation à la gestion des conflits

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Mediation is the intervention of a third party to re-establish communication between parties in conflict, and help them find a solution that suits them. This workshop is for you if you're part of a group or family and would like to find greater harmony and authenticity, and have the skills to help people say things, find solutions and ease tensions. Objectives: Through practice : Understand the emotional dynamics at work and know how to support them Understand and acquire conflict resolution techniques Understand the mediator?s posture and work to implement it Discover and strengthen your attitudes, aptitudes and skills as a mediator. Visit a practice adapted from Ho?ponopono to mark reconciliation Contents Practical part : Reclaiming the natural functions of emotional connection Experience transmutation Appropriation of the conflict resolution process by participants. Each participant will have the opportunity to consolidate his or her strengths and identify his or her difficulties. Theoretical part : Transmutation What is conflict? The mediator's stance Conditions and stages of conflict resolution processes Practice of an adapted Ho?ponopono (+ or ? relevant according to the culture of the people), Adapting processes for children Warning about manipulative profiles Methodology: Participants will be put into situations, experiment and learn from them. These will be supplemented by theoretical input. Instructor: Emilie is trained in mediation with the Ecole Professionnelle de Médiation et de Négociation. She has been using Benevolent Communication since 2007 and Transmutation since 2015. She has helped several groups through their conflicts and many individuals reacquire the natural functions of connecting to their emotions. You can use it with children or with people you don't know well, in situations where it can make a real difference.

Registration required. Groups of 8 to 12 people

Initiation à la gestion des conflits  France Occitanie Lot Pontcirq 46150

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