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Yasmina Reza. Molières 1995 (best author and best private show). Serge bought a canvas of about 1,60 m on 1,20 m painted in white...

Marc is invited by his friend Serge to come and see his new acquisition, a canvas of about 1.60 m by 1.20 m painted in white, with thin white borders, that Serge has just bought for two hundred thousand francs Shocked by this purchase, not understanding that his friend could spend such a sum for a white painting, Marc gives his point of view, without caring about Serge's opinion. Then he goes to find Yvan, their common friend, to share with him his incomprehension about this gesture. Yvan, for his part, thinks nothing of this picture. The approach of his wedding makes him nervous. He does not want to upset his two friends. Serge and Marc start to argue and drag Yvan into their confrontation The three friends tear each other apart in front of this white painting, invoking all the existing arguments about modern and contemporary art. By Yasmina Reza Directed by Dominique Lamour With Michel Adjriou, Jean Latil, Stéphane Robert.

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