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Chamber music with European classical influences is the artistic vector of the Chamber Metropolitan Trio. The work of the trio is based on a repertoire of original compositions inspired by Japan and its secular culture. The musical discourse, all in counterpoint, leaves more melodic and harmonic latitudes to the drummer-percussionist and a preponderant role to the bowing of the double bass, the pianist ensuring above all an orchestral part. The omnipresent improvisation puts itself at the service of the collective composition in the moment. The compositions of Matthieu ROFFÉ, the pianist of the group, are inspired by his peregrinations through the world and more precisely Japan, in love with its culture, its history, its philosophy. Kinkaku-Ji and Bushido, two titles present on the album, echo these influences.

CONCERT - CHAMBER METROPOLITAN TRIO  France Grand Est Moselle Yutz 57970

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