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Access : From Remiremont, take the road to Val-d'Ajol and after 2 km, turn left towards Girmont-Val-d'Ajol. Parking : Park along the D57, at the place called "La Barre de la Vigotte" (near the vacation center Les Tronches). Distance : 9 km / Duration : 3 h / Difference in altitude : 180 m / Marking : blue ring. 1) Start from the signpost on the edge of the D57, at the place called the Barre de la Vigotte. Go down towards the forest, along a fence, on the left of the road leading to the Vigotte inn. Follow the edge of the forest for a moment before turning away from it. 2) Turn your back to the edge and go into a thick fir forest. 3) At the Villerain pond (former property of the priory of Hérival, including a sawmill that has now disappeared), cross a large stone path, follow it for a short while, and turn right towards a stream that can be crossed by fording or on a small wooden bridge. When you meet another track, follow it to the left towards the Moulin Picard farms (Daffodils in spring). 4) Go up the road on the left until it ends near an old farm. Take the path that is in the extension, towards the pond of Mollière. 5) Go down the left track and cross a small stream. Follow a large forest road heading right towards the Coke pond, then the ridge line and the road to the forts. Follow a new road just in front of it that goes down to the chalet refuge of the Amis de la Nature (view from the terrace on the Moselle valley). 6) Just upstream of the chalet, a dirt road runs gently up the hill. After an iron cross, follow the road to the right. 7) At this crossroads, the right-hand path leads to the viewpoint of La Beuille, count 30 min round trip. Opposite, the path leads back to the Vigotte.

RANDONNÉE - LA BEUILLE SUR LA LIGNE DE PARTAGE DES EAUX  France Grand Est Vosges Girmont-Val-d'Ajol 88340

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