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On the site of the house restored by the Société Lorraine d'Habitat, there existed in the 14th century an Italian bankers' counter called the "Maison des Lombards". Counters of the same type, essential to the economic development of the region, existed at that time in many towns in the vicinity, for example in Amance, and a fortiori, in more important centers, such as Pont à Mousson. In the 15th century, the primitive building was replaced by a fortified house "with a ditch all around, in which there is a large square tower, a basecourt, a coulombier and stables in the vicinity, and near it a garden of fruit trees...". In 1590, the Duke of Lorraine gave this fortified house to the Sieur de Contrisson, a Condé vassal. It then passed by marriage to the family of Nettancourt, one of whose members married the daughter of another local officer, a crane driver and captain of Condé, hence the name of Capitainerie given to the house. At the beginning of the 18th century, the lady of Nettancourt transformed the old house into a pleasant and comfortable country residence, with woodwork and fireplaces, for her daughter who had just married the Count of Custine, who soon gave his name to the village. This is how Condé became Custine. Sold as a national asset during the Revolution, the "château" was divided up among many owners. There were seven owners in 1830, not counting the two who owned the "two front towers". This excessive division led to the degradation of the site and the gradual disappearance of a good half of the enclosure. (text SLH) The rehabilitation of the building was entrusted to SLH and it is rightly that the HOUSE of LOMBARDS, received in November 2009 the ribbons of the heritage.

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