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The charming village of Hoste hides many surprises. If, upon arrival, the landscape is already breathtaking with its two large ponds, it is only by venturing on foot that its golden nuggets are revealed. The pond called "du haut", which can be seen from the road that connects Hoste to the village of Cappel, is the larger of the two ponds. At the water's edge, an ornithological observatory offers an unobstructed - and discreet - view of the species that thrive here. It is an essential stop on any good walk, especially for naturalists and wildlife photographers. The bittern and the little bittern hide in the phragmites, while the great crested grebes parade on the calm waters. The pond called "du bas", at the exit of the village in the direction of Puttelange-aux-Lacs, is even more secret. Although its dam still houses an authentic gatehouse of the Maginot Aquatic Line, this is not what makes this pond so popular. The path leading to the pond is lined with trees on all sides, creating a refreshing shade and, between the foliage, colorful fishing huts like pearls on the water's edge offer a sight rarely found elsewhere The historical heritage is not left out, with the presence of a siphon room of the aquatic Maginot Line, still functional today, the Güth House (authentic Lorraine house of the 17th century totally remained in its juice), its garden and its arboretum, the balance well, the Bonne Fontaine chapel and its spring, miraculous as it is said to be... and so many little secrets to discover for those who open the eye.

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