Cathy Heiting Quintet

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Cathy Heiting Quintet at the Rouge Belle de Mai.

For this Quintet, Cathy has invited 4 faithful comrades of passionate and exciting game: Renaud Matchoulian on guitar, Ugo Lemarchand on tenor saxophone and piano, Sylvain Terminiello on double bass and Samuel Bobin on drums to take us into a whirlwind of jazz/soul/funk (standards AND compositions): a colorful, lively and benevolent universe where we find the beauty of his voice accompanied by a quartet of great quality, a zest of irreverent humor and a generous presence, a concert that "should be reimbursed by the health insurance" said the fans! Cathy Heiting is an outstanding vocalist with an eclectic background in jazz, groove and lyricism. She is regularly programmed in theaters and renowned festivals: Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents, Crest Jazz Vocal (Audience Award), Jazz à Vienne, Sunset and Petit Journal Montparnasse in Paris, Rhino Jazz Festival, Marseille Concerts, Réseau Chainon Manquant FNTAV, Région en Scène?) Cathy has also played as a support act for Thomas Dutronc, Michel Legrand, Cecil Mc Lorin Salvant, Didier Lockwood, Sandra N?Kaké? She has collaborated with artists such as Médéric Collignon, Marja Burchart of the group Embryo (Franco-German exchange project "Passage" with Loïs Coeurdeuil), Cyril Benhamou/Tie Break, Cathy Escoffier, Olivier Truchot?

Cathy Heiting Quintet  France Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Bouches-du-Rhône Marseille 3e Arrondissement 13003

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