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In 1936, Marie Laurencin painted the picture La Répétition. At first glance, nothing distinguishes it from a conventional genre scene. A group of young women is assembled; one holds a booklet for the singing, another a guitar for the music, another sketches a dance step, while the other two look on. Without looking like it, this painting is nothing less than a reformulation of Pablo Picasso's Demoiselles d'Avignon, one of the inaugural works of modernism: the same curtain that one of the models opens, the same number of female figures in a pyramidal composition, the same chromatic rhythms? a dog replacing a still life in the foreground. Except that, far from multiplying the heterogeneities, the whole painting is marked by a principle of repetition. The repetition is not only the subject of the painting (a repetition as it is necessary for a show to be successful), it is also its method, embodied by the fact that all the faces are identical ? a repetition in the repetition.

EXPOSITION - LA RÉPÉTITION  France Grand Est Moselle Metz 57000

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