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Optimize your digital distribution and visibility by joël beyler (#14 records) This workshop will give an overview of the tools available to self-produced artists (soundcloud, bandcamp, website store, social network store, etc.), and will address the issue of digital distribution, its actors (distributors vs. aggregators) and the tools for its promotion Since the 2000s, the music industry has undergone many changes. The evolution of our societies and digital technologies have disrupted the landscape, revolutionized music consumption practices and turned business models upside down. New players have appeared, the notion of an album is slowly disappearing in favor of singles and playlists. Urban music is eclipsing other musical genres that are less popular today. The music consumer now has access to a worldwide and undefined catalog, the physical medium, vinyl in particular, is resisting despite everything. For the artists too, the situation has changed: there are hardly any more difficulties to produce their music, nor to distribute it and make it accessible? However, distribution solutions are numerous. What can we expect from them? What are the types of deals and services offered? Finally, many applications allow you to optimize your presence on streaming platforms, to access many data concerning listening statistics and even to promote your music in order to integrate playlists and to titillate the algorithms that make the listening recommendations. Through the example of spotify for artists, we will take a look at the possibilities offered by these platforms. JOËL BEYLER Facebook Joël Beyler, director of Label #14 Records and President of the Fédélab. Actor of the current music and the live show for more than 15 years.

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