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It is a rare and remarkable example of a water gate.

The tower of Arquets is in fact a water door fed by the Scheldt. In front of this one, two cofferdams in communication with the river allowed to regulate the level of it. The closing of the gates of the door, blocking under the three arches the passage of the Scheldt, caused the flooding of the ditches in front of the ramparts. It was a crucial point of the defense. The interior, with a rectangular plan, is twelve meters high and has three levels. The quadripartite ribbed vaults of the guard room are equipped with sculpted keys and fall on anthropomorphic or fantastic bases. This tower of Arquets is next to the tower of Caudron. It remains on a single level and ensured the protection of the water gate to which it was connected by a curtain wall.

Tour des Arquets  France Hauts-de-France Nord Cambrai 59400

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