Simply take four humourous zigotos who know how to write, sing and play music, a French public in need of songwriters, an ever-growing word-of-mouth, and then, above all: current events that never go soft, politicians who tirelessly turn the other cheek, an inexhaustible desire to laugh at their expense in the purest tradition of the King?s buffoons, and you get the astounding success of Les Goguettes (as a trio, but as a foursome). Contrepied Productions With Valentin Vander, Stan, Clémence Monnier and Aurélien Merle Stage direction: Yéshé Henneguelle Lighting design: Anne Muller Sound design: Benoit Laur Costumes: Louisa Gesset-Hernandez Lighting director: Vincent Lemaitre Sound manager: Christian Desille

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