Bons réflexes santé Occitanie


Make the most of summer by staying alert

ARS animation on August 3, 2023 at the ''Écoute s'il pleut'' lake from 2pm to 7pm 5 workshops to remind you of the right reflexes: Sun" workshop -Learn about the effects of the sun, and recognize situations where your health may be at risk? -Learn how to effectively protect your skin and eyes. -Find out why and how to get tested for melanoma. Tiger mosquitoes and ticks" workshop -Learn how to prevent the proliferation of tiger mosquitoes. -learn how to monitor, report and protect against the presence of the tiger mosquito. -Raise awareness of the right actions to take to prevent tick bites. -Know what to do and how to follow up on tick bites. -Disseminate information on tick-borne diseases. Swimming" workshop -Learn about venomous animals and first-aid techniques for the sea and freshwater? -Learn how to swim safely in the sea and in freshwater. Hidden sugar" workshop -Learn about recommended sugar consumption. - -Identify hidden sugars in summer treats. Identify the quantities of sugar in drinks. Move, it's good for my health" workshop -Learn about recommendations for a more balanced lifestyle. -Learn about healthy eating and exercise habits.

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