Le Cateau Military Cemetery

the Military Cemetery contains the graves of over 5,000 German soldiers, 34 Russian POWs and 698 Commonwealth soldiers.

The military cemetery was established in February 1916, on separate plots for Commonwealth soldiers and the German dead. The Commonwealth plots were designed by Charles Holden. Under occupation, Le Cateau became an important logistical and hospital center for the Germans, not far from the front. They created a military cemetery to bury their soldiers killed during the capture of the town and those who died in the town?s hospitals from their wounds. And to bury the remains of British soldiers who fell in the battle of Le Cateau, they set up a plot in the communal cemetery. Today under the responsibility of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Le Cateau Communal Cemetery contains the graves of 150 soldiers. As the capacity of this cemetery was limited, the Germans decided in 1916 to open a space in their own cemetery to bury the remains of British servicemen found in the area. Now known as Le Cateau Military Cemetery, it contains 698 graves of Commonwealth soldiers, some of whom were buried there after the city was retaken by the Scots in October 1918. The German section was enlarged after the Armistice to accommodate the bodies of soldiers from 53 burial sites in the area. Since then, 5,381 German soldiers have been laid to rest here, alongside 34 Russian POWs. A pyramid-shaped memorial has been erected here, "in memory of the brave French and German soldiers who died for their country 1914-1918". There are also 11 French soldiers, buried in a common grave in the German ossuary. They were killed between October 6 and 26, 1918. Sources: http://www.cheminsdememoire-nordpasdecalais.fr/ Le Cateau and the country to the west were the scene of the battle fought by II Corps on 26 August 1914 against a greatly superior German force. The town remained in German hands from that date until the evening of 10 October 1918, when it was rushed by the 5th Connaught Rangers, but not cleared until a week later. Le Cateau had been a German railhead and an important hospital center, and the military cemetery was laid out in February 1916, with separate plots for the Commonwealth and German dead. It contains the graves of over 5,000 German soldiers, in part burials made during the occupation, the rest brought in from other German cemeteries after the Armistice. A separate plot contains the graves of 34 Russian prisoners of war. The Commonwealth plots contain 698 burials and commemorations of the First World War. 187 of the burials are unidentified but there are special memorials to 20 casualties known or believed to be buried among them. The majority of the graves in Plots I, III, IV and V are those of Commonwealth dead buried by the Germans, mainly from the battleground of 1914. All of the graves in Plot II, eight of which were brought in after the Armistice, date from October and November 1918. Plot III also contains two German graves. The Commonwealth plots were designed by Charles Holden. www.cwgc.org/

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