Atelier sensibilisation à la calligraphie latine aux Ateliers à Cazals


Anti-rouille" artistic initiation-liberation workshop We all need to connect, we're thirsty to learn, to pass on and hungry for freedom. For the second year running, as a complement to our ongoing cultural offering, we're offering the public discovery workshops to introduce them to artistic practices, led by the artists themselves. Come and practice with them at the Ateliers (collage, painting, calligraphy, modeling, etc.). Depending on the theme you're interested in, contact them beforehand or visit the website.

Latin calligraphy workshop with Gaston Castelain. If you love beautiful pen-and-ink letters, breathing in the scent of ink or caressing paper, come along with your hands in your pockets and your curiosity slung over your shoulder, and join the benches of a bush workshop for an afternoon of rediscovering writing, its history and techniques from yesterday to today, through a Latin calligraphy awareness workshop. Come quietly with whatever you feel safe writing with: comforter, fetish pen, precious or ordinary paper, stones and other grigris to enchant the space with your most beautiful creative energies. Small group of 8 people maximum. Public: open to anyone aged 15 to 99 who wants to try their hand at the art of beautiful writing in a didactic and fun way. Please register directly with the instructor.

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