Ferme du Marais Champs

Located in Villeneuve-en-Retz between the marsh and the bocage, Ferme du Marais Champs has been raising organically-farmed dairy cows and pigs for over 20 years.

All the animals at Ferme du Marais Champs are fed fresh grass for 10 months of the year and good hay in winter. The team, made up of 2 partners (Stéphanie and Guylain) and 3 employees (Romane, Frédéric and Olivier), share strong common values that can be felt when tasting the products: quality, authenticity and respect for the environment. The good organic products made at Ferme du Marais Champs : Dairy products: tasty Breton marsh tomme, fromage frais, creamy crème fraîche, farmhouse faisselle and raw milk. These delicacies are made with milk from the farm. Red meat and pork: roasts, entrecôtes, rump steaks, ribs, escalopes, sausages, hocks, bacon and black pudding. The practical tip: all meat sachets are vacuum-packed and ready to freeze. Farm customer Emilie's opinion: "Very welcoming & homey. And of course, the tomme which is just incredible, I highly recommend stopping by if you're on vacation in the area. To be consumed without moderation!" Stéphanie and Guylain's tips for enjoying their products: Remove cheese from the fridge 2 hours before eating. Fresh cheeses are particularly delicious in salads. Tomme is ideal for raclette, tartiflette or croque-monsieur. Le comptoir du Marais Champs" store: Here you'll find all the farm's products, as well as organic produce from the region: bread, fruit, vegetables, eggs, honeys, salts, wines, jams, fruit juices and more. The farm's flagship product: dry sausage! the little extra at Marais Champs Farm: To see how the cows are milked, visit the farm every Friday at 5:30pm. NB: The farm is certified organic and FNAB (Fédération Nationale d'Agriculture Biologique), with strong commitments to biodiversity and the well-being of partners and employees at work. Ferme du Marais Champs is one of the Villeneuve-en-Retz producers presented by the Destination Pornic Tourist Office.

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