La casa d'Hernesto

We come here to have a drink with friends and nibble on exotic specialties...

Like Ernest Hemingway (American writer and war correspondent) and Ernesto Che Guevara, Pascal Morel, aka Kakal, has also travelled the world! From each country he has visited, he has brought back authentic cocktail recipes, but he has also taken cooking classes to perfect his classical training as a chef. So after having been a DJ for a few years, notably at the Viking in Pornic, Pascal took over "le Passeport" cocktail bar and called it "l'HEMINGWAY". Eleven years later, he opened his bar to catering and as the buildings looked like huts, he naturally called it "La Casa d'Hernesto" with an H like Hemingway (Casa meaning House in Spanish and referring to Hemingway's house in Havana). As for the sign, it looks like the ring of a Cuban cigar (the country where both Ernest lived)! At CASA everything is homemade. During the summer season, the menu is complete and out of season, Pascal offers you a weekly list in order to be in perfect harmony with the seasonality of the products. The dishes are always of exotic inspiration and made with the greatest respect for the flavors of the world and this, even in traditional recipes like mussels. They become subtly flavoured with Thai or Balinese curry, without altering their taste! We recommend that you call to book as far in advance as possible, to enable us to better manage the tables inside or on the terrace, but also to maintain the freshness of the dishes offered. This same procedure is applicable to the reservation of take-away meals. You will easily understand that booking earlier is a guarantee that you will have enough choice, quantity and especially quality dishes. We shop regularly, but we also do our best not to throw away or spoil the goods. Located in front of the Pornic Marina, you can enjoy a cocktail while tasting distant specialties and let your taste buds travel, take you away and discover the diversity of flavors of Asian or exotic influences! A TASTE OF THE MENU FOR YOU - Pad Thaï (rice pasta, minced vegetables and sauce) shrimps or chicken or vegetarian.. - The sausage rougail - Thai curry with shrimps, swordfish, pollack or chicken... depending on the availability - Prime rib for two people (more than a kilo) with home made chips and a mixed salad - Thai or Balinese mussels, or mussels in marinara or cream sauce (in season only)

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