Enjoy homemade burgers in the city center.

Enter the only Fléchois restaurant specializing in homemade burgers. You'll love the 140g butcher's hamburger in every burger, as well as the bun made by a local baker. Tired of industrial fries? Here, the motto is "Fait Maison", and the fries are lovingly prepared and perfectly browned. There are 4 menus to choose from! Everything is prepared with care by our dynamic cooks, the Comte's parsley and French sauces like mayonnaise are revisited with a touch of Australian freshness. There's something for every palate! Opt for the freshness of the Frenchies Burger or warm up with raclette direct from Savoie with the Burger Fléchette! Open from Tuesday to Sunday, the burger shop is well worth a visit, and you'll feel right at home in the Fléchoise atmosphere ;)

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