Corrida - D. Luque, T. Joubert, B. Jimenez



What a magnificent cartel to open the feria. If Daniel Luque needs no introduction, he is by far the man with the most meteoric artistic rise. Today, he is perhaps the one who best understands and adapts to the different behaviors of toros. When you see him bullfight, you get the impression that nothing costs him anything, yet he always positions himself in compromising terrain. To his credit, he is the first figura to have accepted a cartel with two young bullfighters. Thomas Joubert returns to the Palio. Who could have believed it after all the trials and tribulations he has had to face. What merit! It only took one bullfight - the only one, in fact - to confirm that he is indeed a different, mysterious bullfighter with personality, making aficionados want to see him again and again. The Palio is once again his ideal stage. Borja Jimenez: the great revelation of the past season. He too has been through the desert. It's almost a miracle that he's in this position today. Borja was heroic in Madrid. During the summer, he impressed against the Margé and, in October, he dedicated himself by cutting off three ears from Victorino Martin's toros at the Otoño feria. He will appear at the Palio bullring.

Corrida - D. Luque, T. Joubert, B. Jimenez null France null null null null
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