Exposition de peintures par Géraldine Calaci


Immerse yourself in the vibrant, colorful world of painter Géraldine Calaci at her exhibition in Les Moutiers-en-Retz

Heiress to a family of artists, she draws her inspiration from everyday moments of grace, love of nature and the sea, motherhood, family and love. A unique universe and a passionate artist Her canvases, with their stylized, colorful graphics, will transport you to a world where dreams and nostalgia meet. From joyful contrasts to soft cameos, each painting is an invitation to contemplation and escape. Let yourself be enchanted by the finesse of the details and the depth of emotion that emanate from each work. Discover also her personalized family portraits, true testimonies of love and affection. A not-to-be-missed exhibition for all lovers of art and beauty! Click here to find out more about events in Moutiers-en-Retz.

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