Spectacle de marionnettes, "La soupe au caillou" Les Têtes en L'air, à la guinguette Au Bout de l'Île


Come and discover the family puppet show at the Guinguette au Bout de l'île in Montjean-sur-Loire!

Les têtes en l'air ? Theater, puppets, music: La soupe au caillou (Pebble soup) This is the story of a traveler who arrives in a village and decides to make a soup without with just a big pebble in it! This, of course, intrigues all the villagers and even other well-known characters... When a multi-instrumentalist musician and storyteller meets a puppeteer to tell the famous the famous story of pebble soup. You'll see a multitude of puppets of all shapes and sizes (and several musical instruments played by the storyteller. A show for young and old alike.

Les lieux touristiques dans un rayon de 10 kms.

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