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Sulpice Sévère was a disciple of Saint Martin, bishop of Tours in the 4th century. The great abbey founded on the banks of the Loire River then developed villae as far as the Sarthe valley. Sulpice le Pieux, in the 7th century was the patron saint of children.

Upstream of the village, this valley led to the old common meadows of the parish. The name of the place already appears in 1060 in a deed, confirmed by Geoffroy Barbu, count of Anjou. Hubert Ragot donated the church of Cheffes to the monks of Saint Nicolas, including "a line of seine and a combre (fishing dam) at Saint Sulpice". The oldest parts of the chapel Notre Dame de Saint Sulpice, recently named Notre Dame des Eaux, date back to the 11th century. The masonry has incorporated pieces of much older falun sarcophagi. A first timber-frame bridge was built in 1867; it opens up the village, which used to face Champigné, towards Tiercé and its railway station. It confirms the industrial orientation of Cheffes in the 19th century. A metal bridge followed fifteen years later, facilitating the passage of the towing horses which finally replaced the companions boatmen, man-necked breathers. Dynamite at the end of the Second World War, all that remains of it is the old masonry abutment. We will wait until 1967 to see the construction of the current bridge located downstream of the chapel.

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