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The Armagnac Greenway, which is very easy to access and not very steep, allows everyone to discover the richness of a preserved natural and built environment within the framework of sports, leisure and relaxation activities.

The Voie verte de l'Armagnac, in the Gers, is a tarmac path, easy to access and with a low gradient, open to pedestrians and non-motorised vehicles (bicycles, horses, rollerblades, scooters, etc.) with dogs on a lead This 18 km linear route links Condom to Lagraulet-du-Gers. Two intermediate access car parks allow you to organise your stages: Mouchan car park (km 6.6 with dry toilets) and Lauraët car park (km 11.7). Possibility of linking Lagraulet-du-Gers to Montréal-du-Gers by following the tarmac greenway for 3 km, then taking the GR65 which crosses it, on a 3 km gravel path, heading north, i.e. + 6 linear km The central section is 2.5 km long and has the Tourism & Handicap label. It is accessible to people with reduced mobility and hearing impairments, starting from the Mouchan car park, heading west. The Gers department thus offers everyone a safe infrastructure dedicated to non-motorized travel Do you need help organising your family cycling day? Here are some suggestions for routes from 5 to 13 km, which can be done in both directions, for a relaxing day out with a picnic break halfway: - Section CONDOM (Aire de Lous Cassous) / MOUCHAN (old station) = 13.2 km round trip. - Section LAGRAULET (old station) / LAURAET (place called Caillau) = 11.6 km round trip. - Section CŒUR DE VOIE (Mouchan car park to Lauraët car park) = 10.2 km round trip. - BABY CONDOM section = 8.2 km round trip between Lous Cassous area and PN1 picnic area. - BABY MOUCHAN section = 5 km round trip between the Mouchan car park (dry toilets) and the picnic areas PN1 (towards the east) and PN2 (towards the west). Do you need more information for your sports outing? CONDOM (Aire de Lous Cassous) / MOUCHAN (old station) = 13.2 km round trip. CONDOM (Aire de Lous Cassous) / LAURAET (lieu-dit Caillau) = 23.4 km round trip. CONDOM (Aire de Lous Cassous) / LAGRAULET (village) = 37 km round trip. CONDOM (Aire de Lous Cassous) / MONTREAL (village) = 48 km round trip. Access to the Voie Verte de l'Armagnac - Access to the Condom car park, coming from Auch In the town centre, cross the Baïse at the Carmes bridge. Turn right onto rue du Maréchal Foch. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit towards Pau / Montréal / Eauze (D15) and continue for about 500 m. Continue on the left (D 931) direction Pau / Eauze until a small roundabout and take on the right. At the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit. The entrance to the greenway is located near the Collège St Exupéry and the Sports Complex. - Access to the Mouchan car park from Valence sur Baïse At the exit of Valence sur Baïse, at the roundabout, take the direction Condom / Eauze / Gondrin (D930) for 250 m. Turn left towards Gondrin / Eauze / Cassaigne / Abbaye de Flaran and continue on the D 142 for 4.6 kms. At the intersection turn left towards Mouchan (D208). In Mouchan, turn right towards Condom (D 931) and continue for about 1.5 km. Turn left towards Lauraet/Beaumont/Voie Verte, the car park is immediately on your left. - Access to the Mouchan car park from Condom: In Condom, take the direction Eauze and follow the D 931 for about 9 km. Turn right towards Lauraët/Beaumont to reach the Voie Verte car park. - Access to the Lagraulet car park, coming from Eauze In Eauze take Agen / Condom / Valence-sur-Baïse / Montréal. At the roundabout take the direction Agen / Condom / Valence-sur-Baïse / Montréal / Nérac (D931). Continue for about 1.5 km and turn left towards Bretagne d'Armagnac / Montréal / Nérac (D29). Drive through Bretagne d'Armagnac towards Montréal. At the exit of Bretagne d'Armagnac continue for about 2,5 km and turn right direction Lagraulet / Lauraët. Go up to the village of Lagraulet and pass the water tower. Go down to the place called "La Halte": the car park is located there. - Access to the Lagraulet car park, coming from Montréal In Montreal, take the direction Lauraët / Lagraulet / Gondrin / Vic FGezensac (D113). Continue and turn at the Lagraulet sign (D254). Drive for 600 m and turn left. Continue to the car park.

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