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Built in a period of splendor, this church is of flamboyant Gothic style of the 15th century. Built by the Burgundian Sires on the site of a Romanesque building of which some traces remain (swimming pools), it has a beautiful harmony. The choir, unique, has an altar made of a massive millstone, carved in the local sandstone. It is surmounted by anthropomorphic keystones bearing the effigy of the lords of Neuchâtel. The sculpted stone pulpit, the baptismal font and the south portal are beautiful examples of the Renaissance. Free visit all year long. On the site of the present church was a Romanesque building, the first priory dependent on the Abbey of Saint-Mansuy de Toul (from 1050 to 1635). Traces of the 12th century Benedictine church are still visible. Then the church became the necropolis of the castle, and still remains: - the large nave and the choir, the funerary liter, the large 16th century portal, the sculpted stone pulpit, the small Renaissance funeral chapel. Indeed, the church of St Mansuy dates mainly from the 15th and 16th centuries, corresponding to the flamboyant gothic style. The vicissitudes of the Thirty Years' War and the Revolution did not affect the overall harmony of the church, which was also achieved in 1930. This monument is classified since 1922. The arrangement of the choir (altar stones, steps, candlesticks...) was made by local craftsmen. The originality of the baptismal font is also noteworthy.

ÉGLISE SAINT MANSUY  France Grand Est Vosges Fontenoy-le-Château 88240

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