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Go back in time, from the Bronze Age to the 5th century... Celts, Gauls, Romans? many have passed through here! Its location on the French-German border makes this site of archaeological excavations in full activity, among the largest in Europe, a unique place of its kind. On the French side, walk in the footsteps of our Gallo-Roman ancestors? Between the remains of the public baths and the artisanal quarters, you are plunged into the heart of the daily life of the inhabitants of the city. A few hundred meters further on, an important villa partially restored allows you to discover the different economic, religious and political activities of a large landed family of the time. Continue your walk or bike ride through the natural areas that make up the site and you will cross the border without noticing! Once you have passed through the reconstructed wall, you can visit one of the most famous ladies of Celtic archaeology: the famous "Princess of Reinheim". She was a prophetess, healer and priestess four centuries before our era. Her precious jewels, mysterious amulets, mirror and cult staff accompanied her to her grave, which has now been partially reconstructed. For a family immersion in the heart of the arena, come and visit the site during the Vita Romana festival! Every year in mid-August, a troop of Roman legionaries sets up camp on the site. For a weekend, the archaeological park is transformed into a live show. From the art of warfare to the organization of daily life, everything is done in the Roman way! Archery, chariot races and gladiatorial fights set the pace for the festivities. Free admission for disabled persons and their companions.


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