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It is in a bucolic setting in the heart of the vineyard that the Domaine de la Petite Roche is nestled.

The estate now covers 83 hectares and has belonged to the Regnard family since the end of the 18th century. The vines grow on schist, clay-siliceous, sandy and limestone soils that offer Chenin and Cabernet Franc, the king grape varieties of the Anjou-Saumur vineyard, an expression of finesse and character. Antoine Poupard and his wife Johandie joined the adventure in 2007: development, production, vinification, marketing... A loyal team at their side, they invest themselves daily to develop and enhance the vintages of Domaine de la Petite Roche. Agroforestry projects, massal selection, they are also very attentive to their carbon footprint, whether in cultivation, processing or marketing. The range of wines of the domain is declined in four "categories": - pleasure wines: Les Essentiels - bold wines: Origne - elegant wines : L'AngeVin - the traditional method : Les Fines Bulles In addition to the professionalism, the technicality and the enthusiastic will of the team, there is certainly poetry at the Domaine de la Petite Roche: poetry of the wine, but also of the words, of the men and women, of the landscape... Even the events are imbued with art: the themes, the meaning, the philosophy, the visuals... It is much more than a wine that you will find in your glass!

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