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Access : access to the north of Girmont-dVal-d'Ajol, at the place called le Breuil, at the intersection of the forest road of Villerain and the forest road of Tanchottes. Parking : near the Chalets de l'Empereur, at Le Breuil. Distance : 3 km / Duration : 1 h / Difference in height : 70m / Marking : green ring / accessible with baby carriage. 1) The departure is from the Chalet de l'Empereur (so called in reference to Napoleon III, a regular visitor to these places. It is a site that is always very popular when it is time for a picnic). Take the path to the left of the chalet, and a few hundred meters to the right, make a brief return trip to see a remarkable tree. On the way, go along an old meadow in the state of peat bog. 2) The first pond on the left of the path is the pond of Tanchottes. 3) Take the left path which leads to the main road of the valley (a new pond appears, larger than the previous one). 4) The tarred road leads directly to the Priory of Hérival without any difficulty other than a short climb. 5) Do the opposite way back (Variation: Return to the Chalet de l'Empereur by following the asphalt road that goes down the valley to the crossroads of Le Breuil: not marked and the traffic can be a nuisance, especially on weekends).

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