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Symbol of the protection of the environment, discover the work Man Fish 1 along the route of the Loire à Vélo sculptures in Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, Small City of Character located between Angers and Nantes in the Mauges

Artist : Arnaud Kasper Date création/Crreation time : 2016 Matériaux/Materials : Chateaupanne limestone and paint Description : This work of great simplicity consists of a bas-relief with red and white paint on stone. Like a lighthouse, a water tower, a bell tower, a remarkable tree, it can constitute a bitter (fixed landmark used for marine navigation). Unambiguously recognizable, it echoes the sculpture "Man-fish" placed further along the banks of the Loire. This graphic and poetic form is the emblematic creation of the sculptor who makes it a kind of logo (registered design) easily identifiable and recognizable, a symbol of environmental protection. Presentation of the artist and his approach : The artistic approach of Arnaud Kasper, born in Paris in 1962, begins with painting that he practices in a workshop orchestrated by Arno Stern. Thereafter, Arnaud Kasper trained at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et Métiers d?Art, then in direct stone cutting. Sensitive to the problems linked to the environment, the artist realizes notably animal works. The sculptor is also inspired by femininity, to which he pays tribute through his work. Description : A FISHMAN This extremely simple carving consists of a red and white bas-relief painted on the stone. Just like a lighthouse, a water tower, a church tower or a remarkable tree, it can be seen as a daymark (a fixed landmark used in maritime navigation). Immediately recognizable, it echoes the fishman sculpture farther away on the river banks. The poetical and graphic figure is a symbolic creation of the artist who makes it a kind of logo (registered design) easily identified, a symbol of the protection of environment. Presentation of the artist and his/her approach : Arnaud Kasper, born in 1962, came to art through painting first, which he practised in Arno Stern?s Studio. He studied at the National School of Applied Arts and Art Crafts, then learned direct stone cutting. His wildlife works show how much he feels concerned about environmental issues; he also pays homage to feminity, another source of inspiration.

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